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Forearm / Wrist


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A condition in which the median nerve (major nerve) gets compressed in the Carpal Tunnel (narrow passageway in the wrist). It can be caused by fluid retention, repetitive motions over a long period of time. It is a common condition during pregnancy due to fluid retention. Symptoms may start with pain or aching in the wrist, gradually spreading into the hand and fingers, as well as loss of grip and numbness.

Wrist Sprain & Strains

A wrist sprain is the stretching or tearing of a tendon in the wrist and a wrist sprain is when ligaments or the joint capsule are injured. The common cause of both is falling onto an outstretched hand. A minor injury will cause pain and discomfort, but a more severe injury can lead to dislocation of the carpal joint or improper mechanics of the wrist joint. It may result in permanent loss of stability

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