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Our Fees

Initial Consultation

Your first session will include full Assessment / functional diagnosis - including pain evaluation, posture analysis and a treatment/exercise plan (extra 15-30 min) - free of charge. Rates below refer to effective treatment time.


Individual Session - 1 hour: 70 €
Out-of-hours or Sundays: 80 €

Session Discounts:

Extra time (same user):
+ 30 min: 20 €
+ 1 hour: 40 €

3 different users, sessions in a row: 65 € each session



Osteopathy Session - 1 hour: 80 €

Pack Offers:

10 Session Pack: Pay in advance and get a 10% discount on every session.
15 Session Pack: Pay in advance and get a 15% discount on every session.


Rates may differ according to: your area, the professional attending you, long-term clients, type of condition and possible discounts applied. Always confirm your rate before booking a session.

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