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Our Fees

Initial Consultation

Your first session will include full Assessment / functional diagnosis - including pain evaluation, posture analysis and a treatment/exercise plan (extra 15-30 min) - free of charge. Rates below refer to effective treatment time.


Individual Session - 1 hour: 80 €
Out-of-hours or Sundays: 90 €

Session Discounts:

Extra time (same user):
+ 30 min: 20 €
+ 1 hour: 40 €

3 different users, sessions in a row: 65 € each session



Osteopathy Session - 1 hour: 90 €

Pack Offers:

10 Session Pack: Pay in advance: 70 € per session (you save 100 €)


Rates may differ according to: your area, the professional attending you, long-term clients, type of condition and possible discounts applied. Always confirm your rate before booking a session.



We require payment and the end of each session. We usually accept cash or MB Way for convenience, but you can also choose bank transfer method.
Read our terms and conditions in full:


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