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We are proud to announce that we have become an eligible  service   of the Aproquila 

PRIVILEGE CARD in Quinta do Lago.

Aproquila is  a non-profit organization, you can read more about the membership here:


This allows us to grow our relationship with this area and work to the clients benefit:  the members of the Aproquila Club will now have the opportunity to enjoy extra discount on
our services. 


We resumed our  services after quarantine and are following all the regulations and recommendations  by DGS (PT National Healthcare Authority)



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Alexandre has graduated in Physiotherapy  from Universidade de Aveiro and commenced work at private hospitals in the Algarve. 
He continued his dedication in musculoskeletal and sports conditions and was certified in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy by Manual Concepts/Curtin University (Australia).

Alexandre founded Physio at Home, a project emerged  to mark the difference:  provide an elite quality  and    individualized home-based physiotherapy, for those who require the best.


He  now serves as the company manager, making sure the best  service is delivered and expanding the business to all corners of the Algarve.

What we do

manual therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on approach with the aim to improve range of motion, normalize muscle imbalances and reduce pain in order to restore the normal pattern of movement.
The therapist will proceed to a careful assessment and determine which tecnhiques will be used and may include joint mobilization, manipulation, muscle energy/myofascial techniques or any other soft tissue work.

deep tissue massage

As the name suggests this therapeutic method is performed  aiming for deeper layers of the tissue, specially the muscle layers.
It involves slow/deep/intense pressure from the therapist and a wide array of techniques in order to release muscle tension and reestablish its balance.
This can target anyone with muscle pain or for the athlete requiring maintenance after his practice 

post-surgery rehab

Whether you had your hip replaced or your knee repaired, after a surgery you will need to have certain precautions and follow a specific rehabilitation program. We have experience and updated knowledge on the most recent protocols. We can also connect to your doctor to follow-up on your condition and to report results later.

therapeutic massage

This includes a selection of massage techniques but with a therapeutic and pain-oriented insight. Treatment will vary according to your condition or goal.
Usually more gentle and aiming to achieve an overall pain-free relaxation.


Exercise is very well known for its scientific support and results.
The physio will prescribe specific exercises to either work on your strength and condition, or to correct active posture and movement patterns that might be compromised after your injury.


Needing no introduction, the most well known form of  alternative therapy  comes as a great complement to the other physiotherapy approaches.
Very useful tool searched by people suffering with neck/back pain and other chronic conditions.


dry needling

Dry needling is a tecnhique used to treat muscle pain and movement impairments.
A thin needle is inserted via instramuscular and targets a trigger point which is recognized by a palpable taut band. The result is a myofascial and muscle release.

sports rehab

If you play sports and recently suffered an injury or pain, we can help you working on the solution, design a specific program and put you back in the game with comfort.
We can meet you in your club or after games at your home.


Initial Consultation

The first session includes proper assessment of your condition, pain evaluation, posture analysis and program design for your recovery! That extra time (15 -30 minutes) is not charged.

House Call Session

After the assessment, you can start your physiotherapy sessions.

In some cases we can stay as long as it's necessary.

At the end of the sessions, you can also request a handout of follow-up exercises.

1 hour

Online Consultation

Get advice on your condition or clarify doubts after treatment from us for free.

Book your online consultation through whatsapp or email and you will be redirected to a video call with one of our physios.



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I wanted to thank for the excellent treatment I received. I am sure I would not have been able to play the whole week without the physio.

They not only followed up on my UK treatment, but also expanded on some other issues that may have led to or exaggerated my gluteal tendinopathy.

— Andy H.



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